Rockfall on Ships Prow Visible from Canmore

Ships Prow - BVN File Photo
Ships Prow - BVN File Photo

There was a loud rockfall that happened on Ships Prow Monday evening around 5:10PM

The town of Canmore was startled Monday evening when a sizeable rockfall happened on Ships Prow.

The rockfall sounded like thunder and caused many to jump on the Bow Valley Network Facebook group to post pictures and talk about what happened.

View of the rockslide from South Canmore – BVN File Photo

The mountain features a fresh slash mark ‘scar’ visible from the town as evidence of the rockfall.

So far there have been no reports of injuries as a result of this event which could have easily taken out anybody who would have been unlucky enough to be rock climbing at the time.

Ship’s Prow is the very prominent, sharp buttress between The Three Sisters and Ha Ling Peak.
It has a large, steep face on its northwest side and is about 450 m high.

Ships Prow – Photo by Chris Perry

Did you see or hear the rockslide? Join the Bow Valley Network Facebook group to join the conversation.