Paid Parking Approved at Quarry Lake

Quarry Lake on a Hot Summer Day
Quarry Lake - BVN File Photo

Paid Parking has been approved at Quarry Lake in Canmore AB

After the busiest summer ever at Quarry Lake, the town of Canmore has responded to public feedback to implement Paid Parking at the Quarry Lake parking lot.

The fee will be $20 for up to four hours during the summer peak season and $10 dollars during off-peak season every day from 7 a.m until 10 p.m.

Local residents are eligible for one free annual pass per household.

Residents that live nearby will be included in a new seasonal parking permit zone aimed at preventing inevitable overflow parking problems.

There will also be a new seasonal bus route created in 2022 which will include stops at Grassi Lakes and Canmore Nordic Centre.

Parking revenues are going to be used to fund maintenance at the lake, add more washrooms and waste bins, and fund the operational costs of the paid parking system.

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