Paid Parking Coming to Lake Louise

Lake Louise
Lake Louise in the Summer - Photo credit - Pxfuel

Paid Parking will be in effect at the Lake Louise Lakeshore parking lots during the 2021 shuttle operational season from mid-May to mid-October.

To help manage the limited parking at the Lake Louise Lakeshore parking lots, Parks Canada is implementing a 2-year paid parking pilot program for all public parking stalls. This will take place from mid-May to mid-October.

Parking will cost $11.70 per vehicle per day. A valid parking permit is required between 7:00AM and 7:00PM. You must also have a valid national park entry pass.

Finding a parking spot at Lake Louise or Moraine Lake during peak season has become difficult if not impossible. On these days, the parking lots often fill up early in the morning and stay that way for the majority of the day.

Also new in 2021 is the requirement of shuttle reservations if you are planning on taking the shuttle bus. A shuttle bus reservation will provide access to both Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Shuttle bus reservations open on April 28, 2021. Walk-up reservations are not permitted.

moraine lake in alberta canada
During peak tourist season, Moraine Lake has become a very difficult place to find parking – BVN File Photo

You are still able to drive to the Moraine Lake parking lot but reserving a shuttle in advance on busy days is recommended due to the massive demand for the limited parking. When full, traffic flaggers will close Moraine Lake road until spots become available. Usually the ’10 cars out 10 lucky cars in’ system is in place.

Planning your trip before you go has never been so important. There is no space to wait for parking stalls so people usually drive around in the area to try again later which can cause extreme traffic congestion. Having a backup plan is highly recommended.

What time do you plan on arriving at the lakes to get a parking spot this summer? If not before dawn, we encourage partaking in the Parks Canada shuttle system!

For more information visit Parks Canada