Three Sisters Mountain Village (TSMV) Proposal Causes Uproar

Stop TSMV Sign - BVN File Photo
Stop TSMV Sign - BVN File Photo

The TSMV Area Structure Plan Application is making headlines

The Three Sisters Mountain Village development (TSMV) has garnered much attention in recent weeks. ‘Stop TSMV’ signs have dotted the landscape in a Canmore-wide protest against the plan.

After reading the ASP’s (Area Structure Plan) application for TSMV from the developer, many local residents have rallied against it.

People are writing heartfelt letters to Council begging for the project to be halted or at least modified. Some common topics of concern include changes to the wildlife corridor, decreased quality of life for the existing locals, Taxation issues, a lack of a forest fire evacuation strategy, and of course the potential issues related to building on undermined land.

The Bow Valley Network Facebook group which is the social media group for Banff, Canmore, and Lake Louise – 13,000+ members, created a poll asking members if they approve or disapprove of the TSMV. After a week of results we saw approximately 94% of respondants voting ‘No’.

Even though this was not a scientific poll, it gives a good understanding of how wildly unpopular this development is in the community.

Three Sisters Village
Three Sisters Village Proposal- Photo from TOC

The developers have heard and listened to the concerns and criticisms of the public. The have addressed some of them on their website but not all people are happy with their responses.

Some criticisms they’ve responded to include allegations that TSMV is not listening to the community and TSMV is ignoring issues. Their response included “We have heard those who have offered input. However, we have been clear that we are not open to making further amendments to the Provincially approved wildlife corridor, nor will we consider a “no development” position.”

A virtual public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9th at 9:00AM. Extra days have been included to make sure all speakers are heard. Due to TSMV’s clear refusal to accept changes to important issues in the plan combined with the strong backlash from the community, it will be an interesting hearing.

What will Council decide? Will the project get approved? What are your concerns? Join the conversation on the Bow Valley Network Facebook Group

The ASP’s can be downloaded on the Town of Canmore webiste

For more information about the project visit

For more information and issues regarding the project visit

Smith Creek - Photo from TOC
Smith Creek Development Proposal – Photo from TOC