Banff RCMP Thwart Snowboard Theft

Snowboarder - RCMP Photo
Snowboarder -RCMP Photo

Banff RCMP Thwart Snowboard Theft from Local Business, Apprehend Suspects with Help from Security Team

Early on Thursday, March 30, eagle-eyed members of the Banff RCMP spotted a man carrying a snowboard while on patrol along Banff Avenue. Suspecting something amiss, they investigated further.

Soon after, notification of an intrusion alarm at a nearby snow sports business sounded, alerting the officers to a break-in. The RCMP discovered that two men had broken into the establishment and stolen a snowboard.

The officers promptly recovered the stolen property and returned it to the business.

They identified the culprits, a 21-year-old man from Leduc, AB, and an 18-year-old man from Edmonton, AB, and charged them with break, enter, and theft.

The Banff RCMP expressed their gratitude to the Jase Security team for their assistance in tracking down one of the offenders.

The incident highlights the importance of community safety and cooperation between law enforcement and private security.