Should Canmore Keep or Eliminate the Feral Bunnies?

Canmore Bunny
Canmore Bunny - BVN File Photo

Canmore’s feral ‘Easter’ bunnies were hopping happily around town this Easter long weekend.

Canmore’s bunny problem is an issue to some but a burst of Easter cuteness to others. A recent non-scientific poll on Bow Valley Network Facebook Group found that 89% of members love the furry little creatures and 11% think otherwise.

Domesticated rabbits were released in the 1980’s in South Canmore and are not a native wildlife species. Their populations quickly exploded and the little furballs end up damaging private and public property, leave significant amounts of feces, and attract dangerous wildlife such as cougars and coyotes to town.

According the the Town, The goal is to control and ultimately eliminate the feral rabbits from Canmore.

Should Canmore continue to eliminate all the feral bunnies or decide to keep them? Voice your opinion on the Bow Valley Network Facebook Group. If you have a cute picture of one of Canmore’s bunnies post it as well or use the #bowvalleynetwork hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.