Banff’s “Alaskan Romeo” Found Deceased in Grand Canyon

Search and rescue
A rescuer during recovery operations on 3/3/21 NPS Photo/S. Shoemaker

Banff’s “Alaskan Romeo” found deceased approximately 142m below the rim in the Grand Canyon

The “Alaskan Romeo” who was escorted out of Banff last summer after breaking Federal border rules to meet Calgary woman has been found deceased in the Grand Canyon.

A body and motorcycle was located and recovered by the National Park Service (NPS) in the United States. Authorities believe both the body and motorcycle belongs to Kentucky’s John Pennington.

The 40-year-old, who called himself “Mr. Collagen” on social media or more famously known as the “Alaskan Romeo” was charged in June for refusing to follow the Federal Quarantine Act.

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Mr Pennington allegedly travelled from Alaska to Banff to meet a woman he had met online. At the time people were allowed to travel from Alaska through Canada to the US Border but were to travel directly there without making unnecessary stops while avoiding people along the way.

He was charged in June but the charges were later stayed.

NPS Missing Person Flyer-John Pennington Photo from NPS
NPS Missing Person Flyer-John Pennington Photo from NPS