New Wildlife Crossing to be built near Canmore in 2021-2022

Wildlife Overpass
Wildlife Overpass on the Trans-Canada Highway - BVN File Photo

A wildlife crossing overpass will be built outside Canmore in 2021

The long awaited design has been completed for an overpass over the Trans-Canada Highway near Bow Valley Gap.

Currently there are approximately 50 collisions involving large wildlife like Elk every year on the Trans-Canada Highway near Canmore.

In the 1980s, the Canadian government allocated more than $400 million to upgrade and twin the four-lane highway, with a quarter of the budget set aside for projects that would reduce wildlife collisions, a growing concern at the time.

In Banff National Park, there are 38 wildlife underpasses and six overpasses along the stretch of highway from Banff’s east entrance to the border of Yoho National Park.

Parks Canada decided to use part of that money to fence almost 180 kilometers of highway and construct wildlife crossings structures to lower the wildlife’s mortality rate. Some of these wildlife overpasses can be seen around Banff National Park.

This year, Alberta government said there will be $25 million towards wildlife fencing, and an overpass outside Canmore in 2021.

This is the first wildlife overpass in Alberta to be built outside of Banff National Park

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