Renaming a Mountain

S. T. Photo Credit - William Marler

“Squaw’s Tit” is an official name for the high point of a ridge that lies southwest of the Mount Charles Stewart summit and northwest of Mount Lady Macdonald near Canmore. It was named after the resemblance between the peak and a woman’s upturned breast. “Squaw” came from the Algonquin language and once simply meant woman, but today that word is denigrated for indigenous women. The derogative mountain nickname has been used in several hiking and climbing guides, on Google maps and many trail websites.  

In the last century, there have been many protests around the world to support the respect of indigenous populations and their cultures. The Canmore lawyer, Jude Daniels, has been working to find another name for the mountain since 2014 and Natasha Egan joined her this past Spring. There have been two attempts to change the unpopular nickname, but the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation board rejected both because they wanted a traditional or indigenous name for the mountain.   

In a recent council meeting, the Canmore major, John Borrowman said “It is clear and evident that the name is both racist and misogynistic”. There are pending council meetings coming soon to address the change of the controversial name.

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