Bear 143 Killed by Train in Banff National Park

bear 143
Bear 143 Photo Credit - Julia Butterwick

On September 3rd at 7:15pm between Castle Junction and Lake Louise, a female grizzly bear known as a bear 143 got hit and killed by a CP train.

The last bear that died on a railway was in 2012.  That year the authorities started a research with the University of Calgary and University of Alberta in order to understand the causes behind bear-train collisions. The research was done between 2012-2016 and new measures were taken to manage the animal paths and the collisions between animals and vehicles got reduced in almost 80%. Parks Canada says that there is not a single solution to manage the coexistence between people and wildlife, and they must keep improving and updating that management.

Currently Parks Canada and CP are investigating the details of the collision and the death of bear n 143. More details will be given when those investigations are completed.

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Posted by Bow Valley Network on Tuesday, June 16, 2020